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Here you find my wife and I in Columbus celebrating one of my college buddies graduation.  We have been married for almost 5 years now.  Here I should be sharing some of what is going on in my life, but I find it hard to write about myself.  It's just not me.  However after reading my Fraternity Brother's site "The Live Wire" by Michael Tirrel, he has motivated me to do a little bit more.
Today I write in my father's basement after a perfect day of Bar-B-Que.  My father likes to think that he is the king of the grill, but I do have to give him his props.  The ribs was off the chain.  I only ate one rib this time, because I have been trying to watch what I eat more.  You know trying to get back my six pack I had in 8th grade.  Yeah, that was about the last time I've seen those in the mirror.  Funny things happen when you get older.
My wife, Zukeya will probably be coming down to let me know she is ready to go soon, so I better wrap this up pretty soon.  It has been a fun filled day.  Started off early this morning with Worship at my great church Mt. Pilgrim Church.  My pastor Raymond G. Bishop dropped a timely word, and in response two people came to join, and one of those accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior for their first time.  It is never too late, as long as your still breathing that is.  It was a blessed time.
Since we went to the early service we had time to come home, relax, go to the store before heading to the cook out at my father's house.  I was able to pick up a T-ball set for the boys and a few other toys to play with.  They have had a ball in the back yard all day.
Well have to go.  A son't duties are never over.  My father now needs me to hold a ladder while he kills a bee hive.  This is one our old bonding times.   See ya next week.  I'll probably be writing only once a week.  I have to start small.

My son on Easter Morning 2007

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My son is now 2 years old.  Looking for a school at this time so he can blossom.

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